Tips for your Bridal Prep Photos

How to help the photographer

I have been thinking long and hard about how I can help my brides and make the experience of preparation easier for them. Firstly, I created an exclusive Photography Group for my brides for them to be able to communicate with me in a more relaxed manner. It’s going great so far, with some discussions of how to prepare for photos before hand. Therefore I decided to create a tips blog for all to access…

Bridal Prep Tips:

  • Please have your dress ready for photographs; please leave it in the bag to keep it nice and safe. It’s a great start if its hung on door frame or at a window. It tends to be the first thing I shoot on the day so having access it to is easily is appreciated.
  • Please remember that the dress will be photographed in its hanger, if possible please have it already placed on a white or personalised hanger. It really makes a big difference to plastic hangers!
  • If you want me to capture specific details; shoes, perfume, jewellery and stationery please leave it out for me. I won’t have to interrupt your preparations that way.
  • Usually the Make Up artist will ask for you to sit next to a window, this is absolutely perfect! I will then be able to take some lovely light, natural images. Please request this if not – a dark corner is never a good outcome.
  • Please be aware of the room around you, I am going to be capturing Bridal prep in my natural, minimalistic way. In order for this to work, It would be great to have the curtains open and if possible keep the room tidy – I completely understand how hard this but It won’t be possible to photoshop clothes and clutter out. A clearer room helps you and your bridal party to stay relaxed.
  • I love a fancy chair and glass tables to use to perfect bridal prep. I often use them for jewellery and shoe shots.
  • ENJOY! Having some time with your girls and family in the morning is wonderful. Enjoy every single second.

Bridal Prep tips