– I won’t be delivered by stalk on your wedding day… I promise

I’m sure every photographers booking process is different and not knowing what will happen next must be frustrating – I definitely would be feeling it. So I’ve created this blog to make my services that bit more transparent!

You’ve looked at my work, photography style and have sent an enquiry, Great! I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to let you know if I’m available and will send you my online brochure to browse in your own time.

You decide to arrange a phone call, skype or in winter, a meet at the local coffee shop. I will bring a wedding album and we discuss your wedding day. (Some clients don’t opt to meet – I’m fine with email!)

You’re still interested in booking me to capture your special day. I will send over a contract and quote.

You want me to save your wedding date. You can accept my quote and pay the £500 booking fee.  I then invite you to my Facebook group full of past/present/future wedding clients and I connect on Instagram – I love to follow my couples!

You have booked a pre wedding shoot. Depending on time before your wedding I’ll give you a couple of dates for you to choose from and we discuss locations – somewhere personal to you. Sometimes it’s the wedding venue.

You receive your Pre Wedding shoot photos.

Beachey Head Engagement Shoot

It’s a month until your wedding.  I send you a questionnaire to complete covering locations, times, VIPs, group shot lists, vendor lists and any other information you think might be important. I then use that information to create my own timings that I send to you to confirm – I work out golden hour and tell you what time that slot would be on your wedding day.

It’s your wedding day. I arrive prompt and ready to capture your special day!

The next day. I will send you one sneak peek from the day before.

Brighton Wedding Photographer

Your week anniversary. You will receive a few previews from your wedding day to share with friends and family.

Delivering the online gallery. This can take up to three weeks but I always try to deliver to my clients as soon as possible. The USB will be in the post as soon as I get the confirmation from you after seeing the gallery.

Album making. I’m happy to do this whenever you’re ready – it may be a bit of a wait during the summer months.