Choose a Mentoring plan that Works for You


What you Get by Enrolling

Lots of documents to download

I will be adding documents to help track your success, tips on marketing and how to store information for your workflow. 

Video Tutorials

Monthly Video Tutorials will keep you motivated to focus on one particularly area that month. From producing content for Instagram, to editing to managing your workflow.

An exclusive facebook group

Join my 1:1 mentoring to join a group where you will have support practically 24/7! We will be sharing our successes and being your number 1 cheerleader!

New Monthly Content

I will be updated monthly with suggestions from members to make the content specific to your needs. 

Watch on the go

You will be able to take this course where you go! Watch it on the train, on your lunch break or at home in the office. 

Become a full time wedding photographer

Mixing my teaching degree with my passion for photography will make your first year with myself mentoring you become a huge success.


✨ Book over 40 weddings a year.

✨ Build a business that lasts – I have shot weddings for over 8 years.
✨ Having a workflow that works!
✨ Communication is key – keeping your clients happy!


✨ Strategies that help to fill your diaries yearly.


✨ How to manage your income.


✨Positive mindset and activities to help with your focus. 







Can I refer a friend?

Absolutely! I can have unlimited members on my monthly membership. My 1:1 mentoring will have limited numbers to ensure I can give my all to them!

How often do you release new content?

I am going to be releasing monthly tutorials so that you don’t become too overwhelmed and can focus on that topic that month! I will focus on topics that lend themselves to the time of year. For example; January – tracking bookings and boosting bookings. 

Why should I choose you?

As a qualified teacher I know exactly how to keep the course engaging and exciting. I will be able to break down the tasks into an achievable way and help with mindset!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you absolutely can! If you feel I have helped you enough and you’re ready to take the leap!

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

I am here to help – always! Send me a message and we can work through together. 

Ready for me to mentor you?

Email me,  I will send you over a monthly invoice and create an online account for you to access!