Secrets of a Wedding Photographer

April 7, 2018

The secrets of an Essex wedding photographer

I get nervous.

The first skype, the first meet, the Pre Wedding shoot, the wedding and even delivering the images makes me SO nervous. Nowadays if I didn’t get nervous I’d be so worried that I wasn’t pushing myself so I see this as a really positive sign. I end up getting laughed at during most couple shoots but this is fine I’m happy to use my random nervous outbursts as perfect moments to capture. I just want to do my best for every single client – I’m a massive people pleaser.

 I get sad when couples book photographers based on budget only.

I completely understand that you’re working to a budget – unless you can use ‘SIM CODE’ to magically appear money (yes I’m a 90s kid). I’ve seen so many couples online complaining about their photos as they only looked at the budget and not the style, personality and products the photographer provides. After the cake has been gobbled, the flowers have wilted and Auntie Claire has stopped dancing on the dance floor there is, sadly, nothing left apart from the memories and photographs to treasure. I’m sure you’d look back and be glad to pick the person you gelled with most rather then the £200 ‘wedding day deal’ you got from a stranger on Groupon.

I feel devastated when someone puts a filter over my image on Instagram or doesn’t credit me.

I often spend an hour or so tweaking just ONE image, ensuring the colour balance is correct and making sure it’s perfect for your gallery. So when I see clients and even vendors (vendors a lot more recently!) my stomach drops as all my hard work is lost in a matter of seconds. Also, Word of mouth is like OXYGEN to my business’ survival and my own personal survival (home,  car, bills). When I notice I have been credited I seriously do a little happy dance. It is so, so valuable to me and I’m so grateful to everyone who does this.

I love unplugged ceremonies SO much!

I recently posted a video on my Facebook page as to my point of view during a ceremony that isn’t unplugged. Recently, a wedding photographer I know nearly had the whole first kiss shots ruined by an uncle with an iPhone trying to get the shot in the MIDDLE of the aisle. I’m there to capture these moments so that guests can watch with their own eyes and be present. Kindly ask your guests to put their iPads, phones, DSLRs away and enjoy the beautiful moments. It is so worth it.

I don’t want you to look at me and smile.

The goal during pre Wedding shoots and wedding day couple shoots is to capture the beautiful interactions between you both as a couple. Don’t worry, I’m always on hand with cues and ideas to ensure the details are to perfection. I’d much rather capture you both enjoying each other’s company and completely forgetting I am there – that’s when the real magic happens and the unforgettable moments are captured.

(Mark and Aimée had a really intense 5 minutes and I just let them be theirselves and enjoy that alone time together)

I am not in control – I am not god.

I wish I could control the weather – but I can’t. But what I can do is make the best of the worst situations. I will shoot in the rain if I have to, I will run around checking for a dry spell to get you both outside. But I won’t be carrying 300 umbrellas and a marquee with me.

Lighting is out of my control too but I workwith what I have and match it as closely to my style as possible.

I love feedback.

After months – sometimes years I am desperate to hear what you think of the gallery. After all we have been planning this together for a very long time over emails,  pre Wedding meets and even through Instagram. (Yes I love interacting with my couples on Instagram!) SO much goes into the final delivery of your images and suspense has me on edge every moment until I hear from you.

 Some of my lovely wedding client reviews. Some of my lovely wedding client reviews.

 I might cry.

It happens, I have no shame. It might be the speeches, It might even be during the first dance. Capturing such special moments is such a privilege. I do promise, that I WON’T be sobbing like a Kim K emoji.

 The more you trust me, the better the images.

The more freedom you give me in regards to locations and time, the more creative I get and the better the images. I absolutely love it when I meet a couple and they say they’re “up for anything, you’re the pro”.

 Heather's dress got dirty quickly on her September wedding day. Heather’s dress got dirty quickly on her September wedding day.

Yes your dress may get dirty, I’m yet to see a clean one by the end of a wedding day but walking through that field as the evening guests arrive may give you images you’ll treasure for ever. I’m on hand as the expert for golden hour times and moments, I try my best not to take you away from your guests for too long. Just long enough to capture some beautiful moments.