2018 = unforgettable.

I have been so fortunate this year to travel to four different destination locations; Finland, Ireland, Italy and Greece. Amongst capturing others’ memories I managed to capture some memories of my own; mainly alongside Jamie (imagerybyarcher).

First up was a flight to Helsinki for a outdoor, snowy wedding ceremony and then we jetted off to Rovaniemi, Lapland for a couple of days of exploring (via reindeer, huskies and snowmobiles). See more:

Next, Ireland. Jamie and I’s friends got engaged on the Cliffs of Moher. What a day, it was miserably wet and for about 5 minutes I was certain one of us was about to slide off the Cliffs, I just about kept my cool for Lauren who unbeknown to her was about to have a ring on it. See more:

A week later, Jamie and I went to Amsterdam. Exhuasted from the beginning of wedding season I didn’t get many photos in Dam; only some tulips! It was blissful to leave my camera behind for those few days but I’m FULL of regrets now.

Fast forward a month, we went to the Peak District between weddings in Nottingham and Grantham.

Next up was Lake Como. IT WAS INSANE. You can see more of here:

The final plane ride of the year was Athens, where the gruesome twosome was born (Jamie and Chloe. I’m forever alone).

Just before Christmas, I went to Disney with Chloe, Lex and Jay. So much fun.

Thank you to everyone who has made this year such a success. <3

Happy new year!
L x

Some of the photos are taken by my talented friends. Mainly Chloe Lee of Chloe Lee Photo.