Our Trip to Finland, Part 2 – Lapland

April 9, 2020

Finland Wedding Photographer

Photographing a wedding in Southern Finland was an absolute dream come true; after exploring the South we ventured 500KM north to the town of Rovaniemi for a two day lapland getaway. What a dream it was!

Here is Jamie and Is’ travel video of Rovaniemi. Jamie is now creating Highlight Wedding Videos for his own clients under ‘Imagery By Archer’. I’m so proud of him.

These images were captured in the pitch black in a very desolate area. We travelled around 30KM out of town to escape the light in hope of a glimpse of the Northern Lights. It was incredibly cloudy so unfortunately that didn’t happen. There were lots of disappointed people with us but Jamie and I took it as an opportunity to explore and learn more about this fascinating place. We had a hilarious time walking through the snow and Jamie mostly kept falling on his face; much to my amusement (Some of these moments are on my travel instastories). We then spoke to our guide for a good few hours about Finland whilst drinking hot berry juice. In the end we managed to see the light of the Northern Lights behind the clouds – which amazed me. Heading back to our coach; we were notified that there had been an accident with another coach being stranded in the snow and our driver went to save the cold children who were on that bus.
We then had to spend ANOTHER hour (11:15PM in artic conditions) out in the snow, where we then heard our guides family stories about the Northern Lights. AMAZING.

The following day we had to be up rather sharp to attend our day of Snowmobiling combined with a visit to a Reindeer Farm & Husky Farm. We spent about an hour snowmobiling to the Reindeer Farm where we had a ride, learnt lots about reindeers, fed baby reindeer and warmed up with more hot berry juice.

Snowmobiling though the artic was incredible. Jamie felt like he was in a James Bond movie and I couldn’t agree more. It was very easy to drive (I think) and we got quite a lot of freedom with the speed we drove at. We stopped outside this tipi where we played in the snow for about an hour before heading inside for our lunch; lots of veg and cooked meats to warm up over the fire. Again, AMAZING.

We then sped on to our final stop of the trip, the husky farm! The experience was so wonderful, listening to the huskies barking with excitement was again, AMAZING.

If anyone has any questions about visiting Finland or planning a wedding in Finland – please don’t hesitate to ask. For now, I’m back photographing UK Weddings until Summer when I’m off to Italy & Greece!
Hotel: The Artic Light Hotel: http://www.arcticlighthotel.fi/en/hotel/

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