Does it spark joy?

January 23, 2019

Marie Kondo’s mantra “does it spark joy?” has resonated with me recently and I have taken it beyond tidying into some of my decision makings (paying for my car or my taxes aren’t joyous, but I still have to do it!).

I’ve been thinking more and more about this quote over the past few months as I have been a fly on a wall on wedding days and seeing so many versions of the day. When speaking to my future clients, I try to send them the message that it’s their wedding and to do what they want; don’t listen to other opinions which are discouraging or unkind. Always put yourself first. Choose what you want. Don’t worry about anyone else says, it’s your day.

Carmen and Hari’s wedding day was filled with fun from start to finish. They certainly didn’t do anything that they didn’t want to do and was a breathe of fresh air to experience.

So, to all those planning their weddings or maybe just living life! Make sure you only do the things that spark joy when possible. Don’t spend the extra money you have on things that won’t make you happy (unless it’s essential) — just a little daily reminder.

I’d love to hear from you; how did you spark joy? Did you use this mantra recently, let me know!

How I’ve used this mantra:

  • wardrobe clearout (mid-December I reorganised my whole life!) THE OG JOY WAY

  • Creating my 1-second clip every day; what am I doing today which sparks joy? I love thinking about what is significant about every day!

  • reminded a couple of my brides that it’s their wedding day; don’t do the whole group shot if you don’t want it.

  • I microwaved a bag of salty popcorn (a significant joy of mine!).