Tips from an Acoustic Duo

March 25, 2020

Octavas are an acoustic duo that provide high quality entertainment for weddings, parties,
corporate events and much more. They offer specialised music for couples for their ceremonies
and for drinks receptions as well. Having the right songs can really add something special to the
day for you and your partner.

Photo by GSK Media

There are things that every couple should be aware of when booking music; here are a few tips to
help you if it is your first time doing something like this:

Book in advance

Just like a lot of suppliers in the busy time of the year, musicians can receive bookings a year or
sometimes two years in advance. Save yourself a lot of stress by doing your research early on
what exactly you want. You may be lucky and bag yourself a discount by doing so!

Venue restrictions

Typically, an acoustic duo won’t be subject to the following but it’s well worth finding out to save
yourself any future headaches. Some venues have restrictions on sound and even limiters which
can sometimes mean live music is difficult to negotiate. Always ask the contact at the venue to let
you know their policy when it comes to this. The musicians are usually willing to help you navigate
this process as it comes up quite a lot.


This is an easy one to overlook, but make sure your musicians will have enough room to
comfortably perform in. They will be able to give some dimensions to work with so that you or your
wedding planner won’t come up short when it comes to getting the right space for your performers.

Song choices

For intimate settings like a wedding ceremony, it’s best to make sure you agree in advance what
songs you would like played. Musicians are usually happy to tailor the performance to include your
favourite songs. Give them enough notice and let them prepare something special for you.


It may seem obvious but agreeing times for when the musicians will play will make your day run a
lot smoother. That goes for a lot of other details as well in fact. The last thing they want to do is
bother you the day of your event. Make it clear from the start with an up to date timetable or
delegate to someone who can liaise with the suppliers at your event.

We have been so lucky to play for many lovely people at some amazing venues up and down the
country. Throughout that time we have played thousands of songs. We often get asked what our
favourite song is to play. Although it’s hard to pick just one, there is one that stands out as a
personal favourite for us and that is Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac. It is remarkably simple but
seems to work well in so many situations. It’s happy and quite upbeat and we love it!
Song choices are a highly personal choice. That being said there are certainly some popular tunes
amongst couples and we often see a lot of the same classics being requested – nothing wrong with
that, they are classics for a reason! Once every now and again we see some wildcard choices
which can make for a pleasant surprise.

Here are a few which we thought were great:

When you got a good thing – Lady Antebellum : It’s actually a very lovely song despite not
being very popular. We were asked to play this as a first dance and got a very emotional reaction
from all the guests. It was a perfect choice for the couple.
Lovesong – The Cure :if you go by the name it’s perfect and even though it’s a brilliant song, we
don’t often play this one. It has those moody undertones but with super-sweet lyrics. Definitely
worth considering
You and me – Lifehouse : I don’t know why, but it feels like this song has been forgotten for no
good reason. It’s a perfect song for a married couple and was a joy to play for a gorgeous
ceremony we played for a special couple.

Our acoustic duo is available to hire for all types of events. You can check out more of what we do