A ceremony among the waving palms

If you look closely, you’ll find it. Nestled- almost hidden- in the centre of Seville, is the Villa Luisa wedding venue. Surrounded by orange trees, fountains and palm groves, you could walk right by it and barely know it was there. 

And oh wow, when you walk through those gates…

There are palm trees and ponds; mosaics and citrus groves. You could be in the centre of Seville, or in a luxury riad in Marrakech. Villa Luisa is a remarkably beautiful place to say your vows. 

But don’t take my word for it, let me show you. From their elegant, modern styling, to their idyllic ceremony among the palms, Kirsten and Daniel’s wedding in Villa Luisa was utter perfection. If you’ve been dreaming of getting married in Seville, come take a look. 

Elegant Villa Luisa Wedding

Before you have your wedding in Seville…

Our story begins a month before the wedding, in the ceremony rooms of Old Marylebone Town Hall. Kirsten wearing a stylish white suit; Daniel wearing just the biggest smile! 

(Pro tip: if you’re having a wedding in Seville, doing all the legal stuff while you’re over there is an avalanche of admin! So the easiest way is to get married in a registry office before you go out there. And that’s just what K&D did!)

They kissed, they signed, they made it official. They had confetti on the steps, cuddles in *that* nook, and kisses by the lions. 

Old Marylebone Town Hall Legal Ceremony

We took a walk through the sunny streets of London. And a few short weeks later, we were boarding the plane to Seville. 

Pre-wedding shoot in Plaza de España

It was the evening before the wedding, and the sun was beginning to set on Seville. The pillars and fountains were glowing gold in the evening sun. And there, with a little skip and a wave, I saw Kirsten and Daniel strolling towards me across Plaza de Espana.

If you’re getting married in Seville, I urge you. Set some time aside to explore the city with your wedding photographer. 

The architecture, the light, the people, the colours…it’s completely romantic, and exquisitely beautiful at every turn. And it must be photographed at all costs!

We took a stroll through the city together; found fountains, walkways, ponds, and plazas. And as the sun finally dipped behind the buildings, we hugged goodbye, and parted ways until the next day.

Perfect prep shots? It’s all in the details

OK, back to our story: the morning, with Kirsten and the girls. 

Music played, champagne flowed. And the gorgeous Seville sunshine poured through the open windows. The vibes were on point! 

And let me tell you…Kirsten was *prepared*

She’d made personalised champagne flutes for each of the bridesmaids, and ‘wedding day’ papers from the Newlywed Times. They even had matching slippers, and on-palette PJs! As a wedding photographer I couldn’t help doing a little happy dance! 

And oh my goodness, Kirsten’s bridal look was flawless. Her off-the-shoulder figure-hugging dress, that stunning bouquet of white peonies and reflexed blush roses. It was modern, timelessly elegant. And the perfect look for a wedding in Villa Luisa. 

When the veil had been fixed, the makeup touched-up and final hair brushed, we hopped in a taxi to the ceremony. 

An outdoor wedding in Villa Luisa, Seville

Fans waved lazily in the heat; the palm trees high above us, swaying gently in the breeze. 

Water trickled softly from the iconic blue-tiled fountain in the Villa Luisa garden. And on either side of the altar, spectacular floral urns of white, blush and green. 

And beside them stood Daniel, in the shade of the waving palms, waiting for the love of his life. Then suddenly, there she was. 

The ceremony was beautiful, personal, and funny. They had readings from their friends, and personally-written vows. And as a wonderful touch, a mixing of the sands ceremony. 

As the celebrant declared them husband and wife, they hugged, kissed, and walked hand-in-hand down the aisle to a flurry of rose petal confetti. 

Why have a sparkler exit, when you can have…

We spent a happy afternoon in the gardens of the villa. We drank champagne, found shade in palm groves, splashed in the fountains. And occasionally gazed in wonder at the oranges in the trees! It was wonderful- slow, and hurry-free.

As the evening closed in, and the guests took their seats, Kirsten and Daniel made their entrance. Their cold sparkler entrance! It was insanely cool. 

(I hereby move to normalise sparkler entrances. All in favour?!)

The reception styling was perfect for the already-beautiful space; understated, and elegant. Glass vases of simple white and blush blooms; dried lemon slices; blue tumblers and white candles. 

The food was delicious; the wine wonderfully cold. And as the evening set in, we chatted, gave speeches, and broke bread together among the palms. 

Looking for a wedding photographer in Villa Luisa, Seville?

The evening flashed by in a blur of dancing, Hollywood dips and (to everyone’s delight!) air con! 

There was a sax player and a DJ bringing high-energy, happy vibes all night long. Nana was raving, the kids were breakdancing, K&D were riverdancing…it was *epic*. And as we finally waved goodbye and disappeared into the night, even before the door had closed behind me, I was dying to go back. 

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Seville and you love my work, I’d be so excited to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s chat

First dance at Villa Luisa

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