Incredible spring florals and a golden hour to die for

Becca and Caitlin’s wedding in Foxtail Barns was joyful. There’s just no other way to say it. 

Styled to dreamy perfection with “a family affair of arts, crafts and sewing skills!” Filled with stunning spring florals, in blush, violet and white. And at the centre of it all, the kindest, *most obsessed with each other* couple, who literally never stopped smiling! 

There were champagne sprays, lawn games, and a golden hour to die for. And as the backdrop to our little love story, one of Staffordshire’s most photogenic wedding venues. 

If you’re having a wedding in Foxtail Barns, come take a look. Becca and Caitlin’s wedding has all the styling inspiration you could ever need. 

Weddings at Foxtails Barn

A tale of two dresses

Caitlin was standing in front of the mirror, in the Dressing Room of Foxtail Barns wedding venue.  

Her mum stood behind her, carefully doing up the buttons of her dress, one by one. She looked up, and their eyes met in the mirror with a smile. 

Caitlin’s dress was understated, and elegant. Alyssa Kristin in figure-hugging silk, with a slight mermaid flair in the skirt. She put on her silk headband. And slipped awesomely-cool retro heeled boots over rainbow socks. 

A few minutes later, her dad knocked on the door.

  • –    –

Becca’s morning had been slow, and easy. Makeup, music, and champagne with the girls. Birdsong, belly laughs, and more champagne. 

Her dress was modern, stylish, and fun. An asymmetrical design by Newhite Bridal; off-the-shoulder on one side, with a flowing lace bow at the front. 

She slipped on some blush bow heels and a full-length veil. And a few minutes later, stepped onto the balcony, where her parents were waiting. 

Floral inspiration for your wedding in Foxtail Barns

The ceremony space in Foxtail Barns is a beautiful place to get married. Not to mention, a wedding photographer’s dream! 

A blend of rustic red brick, white oak beams, and gorgeous natural light. And with the sun shining that morning, they’d opened up the bi-fold windows to let the breeze and the birdsong in. 

And oh my, the florals by Bloom Collective were exquisite. 

There were alliums, tulips, and delphiniums. Orchids, peonies, roses, hydrangeas (literally all the good ones!) Arrangements lined the aisle, in blush, white, and violet. And framing the altar, two magnificent floral columns. 

An already-beautiful space, elevated to perfection..

The ceremony itself was intimate, heartfelt, and personal. The way they looked at each other just made my heart melt. And when it came time for their personally-written vows, I was a sobbing mess behind my camera! 

The wonderful celebrant, Olivia, made it official, they sealed it with a kiss. And they walked hand-in-hand down the aisle to a flurry of rainbow confetti. 

Cake and couple shots


1- Get married

2- Eat cake

Now this is a wedding trend I can get on board with! 

There were hugs, champagne, and second-helpings of tasty cake! Guests poured out onto the warm grass, played lawn games, listened to live music, and sat in the sun. 

And after a little while (i.e. when they’d had a good mingle, and there wasn’t any cake left!) I disappeared with Becca and Caitlin to explore the famously beautiful Foxtail grounds. 

Wedding photography in the grounds of Foxtail Barns

Foxtail Barns wedding venue is brand new. But the grounds that surround it are ancient. 

Step outside the walled garden, and you have 70 acres of woodland, meadows, lakes and gardens at your feet. And all of that nestled in an area of natural beauty. It’s pretty special, and just perfect for your couples portraits. 

And so it was. Bouquets and heart-shaped sunnies; perched on the back of a golf cart. Speeding off into the sunny seclusion of the grounds. 

We found hot-pink hydrangeas, and lavender wisteria. There were winding pathways, and sun-dappled glades. It was beyond beautiful (and exceptionally on-point for the wedding palette!)

And in the midst of all the attention and excitement, it was such a perfect little nook of quiet and calm. A chance for B&C to take a breather, go for a wander. And be together for the first time as a married couple. 

A family affair of arts, crafts and sewing skills

The reception space in Foxtail Barns wedding venue is gorgeous. A blend of exposed brick and rustic beams, with clean, modern touches. And behind the head table, huge glass windows looking out across the water. 

It’s a beautiful space. And B&C had styled it perfectly. They’d made all the name cards and menus by hand. Their mums had sewn the napkins and table runners themselves. 

And they’d made it personal. From table names, named after their favourite holidays (complete with Polaroid holiday snaps!) To their postcard guest book (genius, by the way!) Even their menu was personal- Italian to mark where Caitlin proposed to Becca, and Asian for where Becca proposed to Caitlin! 

As B&C made their entrance, the room went wild! Everyone was on their feet, napkins in the air. There was delicious food, and laugh-out-loud speeches from the dads. 

And with our bellies full, and golden hour calling, we grabbed a few bottles of champagne and headed outside…

Weddings at Foxtails Barn

Champagne sprays and a dreamy golden hour 

As a wedding photographer, golden hours are my superpower! And honestly, on that sunny evening in Foxtail Barns, I was in my element! 

The absolute vibes of Becca and Caitlin, popping champagne with their girls. 

That gorgeous golden light; the sunflare breaking through the trees. The intimate quiet of the evening; the way Becca’s dress glowed gold in the setting sun. I tried to stay cool and collected, but my heart was racing the whole time! 

When the sun finally disappeared behind the trees, we headed back to the party. The live band was awesome, the dancing was…questionable! It was just the perfect way to end the day. 

Weddings at Foxtails Barn

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