A stunningly styled summer wedding in Norfolk

January 26, 2023

Sentiment, style, flowers and family 

Amelia and James’ summer wedding in Norfolk was the perfect blend of sentiment and style. From the car they drove, to the prayers they read, to the place they partied, they wove their family into every choice, and put them at the very heart of their day. 

And then once they’d done that, they made that day astonishingly beautiful. 

With some truly incredible florals as the bedrock of their styling, every choice was understated, elegant, and tastefully modern. There was even a puppy. And lord knows I love a puppy! 

If you’ve ever thought a wedding at home can’t be beautiful, think again. This was one of the most breathtaking weddings I’ve ever seen, and it was in the back garden of Amelia’s family home. Come take a look, if only for the flowers (and if not for the flowers, for the puppy). 

Our day began with Jesus Peiro and Jimmy Choo

Can I just say, a wedding morning at home is the best kind of wedding morning! The relaxed atmosphere, the creature comforts, the convenience of having everything you need within arm’s reach…it beats a plush hotel or a stately home any day! 

Amelia wore a gorgeous Jesus Peiro dress from Miss Bush Bridal. Jesus Peiro have become known for their classically stylish dresses with a modern twist, and I’m sure you can see why! She completed her flawless look with Jimmy Choo heels, a pearl headpiece in her low bun, and a gorgeous bouquet of white roses and delphiniums. Add in those amazing white bridesmaids dresses, and we had one seriously stunning bridal party!

When she’d finished getting ready, Amelia headed downstairs to have a ‘first look’ with her dad. And it was such a special few minutes. The look on his face as he saw her, how happy he was, how proud. I always adore being part of moments like this. And the fact it was in their family home somehow made it feel all the more special. 

All the floral inspiration you could need for a church wedding

Amelia and James had their ceremony in St Mary’s Church in North Creake. And despite the impressive aspect of the 13th Century church, nothing could prepare me for what was inside. The florals by Constance Rose were simply incredible.

White delphinium and roses lined the aisle, and spread out abundantly behind the altar. And silver birch trees (yep, actual trees!) stood in pots at the bottom of the aisle, stretching out their branches in the sunlight streaming through the windows of the church. It was such a ‘wow’ moment (I actually said ‘wow”!) And a perfect example of how florals alone can completely transform a space. 

The ceremony itself was incredibly heartfelt, really funny, and filled with lots of little touches that made it uniquely theirs. A prayer from Amelia’s grandmother’s prayer book was read during the service. And one of Amelia’s bridesmaids sang a song, accompanied by one of James’ groomsmen on the guitar. 

Amelia smiled her infectious smile all the way through. And when it was all over, she and James practically danced their way back down the aisle as husband and wife. 

A wedding car with a history

When Amelia and James exited the church, they were showered with fresh rose petal confetti, bathed in glorious sunshine and serenaded by cascades of bells. And as the guests began the short walk to the reception, A&J jumped in their vintage Morris convertible. 

But it wasn’t just any vintage convertible! It was actually Amelia’s Grandfather’s first car! He’d sold it many years ago, and the family had tracked it down and bought it back as a surprise. 

I always love it when couples weave their personality, and their family history into their wedding day. And there was a kind of wistful nostalgia in seeing the newly-married Amelia and James, driving off in the car her grandad had bought as a young man over 70 years before.   

Wedding photography at Holkham Hall

With the wind in their hair, the ancient engine purring beneath them, and the tinkle of tin cans dancing on the road behind, Amelia and James drove down the country lanes for a little adventure with me to Holkham Hall. 

I always love these little patches of calm in the middle of the wedding day. Just a few minutes away from all the guests and the attention. Time to drink in the sunshine, take in the moment, and just be with each other for a while. And if you happen to have somewhere as picture-perfect as Holkham Hall on your doorstep?! Even better! 

The best thing about having your wedding reception at home

A little while later, A&J drove down the driveway to their reception, the guests applauding them in, and the tin cans rattling cheerfully behind. 

I followed them around the back of the house into the sundrenched garden of Amelia’s family home. Guests were chatting on the grass, a live band was playing, champagne was flowing. And the tastiest hors d’ouvres were being brought around. 

And for me, this is the best thing about having your reception in your family home. The atmosphere is blissfully relaxed, carefree, easy-going; you feel at home because you are at home. And however accommodating the staff might be at a venue, you can’t beat the feeling of being able to quickly nip indoors to grab something!

How to style your sailcloth marquee reception

The styling for the reception inside the marquee was (as I’d come to expect by now!) exquisite. 

Beautiful tablescapes spread out beneath the canopy, bathed in the pearly shade of the sailcloth marquee. Bundles of the pure white wedding flowers sat on the tables, and at the base of every pole. And throughout the marquee, silver birch trees* stood in line along the centre, climbing to the canopy and bringing a welcome touch of gentle green to the pure white elegance of the styling 

And when Amelia and James made their entrance to dinner, the noise was deafening! People were standing on their chairs, and the air was filled with shouts and cheers and flying napkins. 

*(special mention to whoever carried the trees down the road from the church!)*

Want a recipe for an awesome party? Free-flowing cocktails and an awesome live band!

As the table and chairs were being cleared away after dinner, we all headed back out into the garden for pre-party cocktails. And it was like a pre-party party! Everyone was dancing, someone was doing the worm (pretty well, I might add). The energy was incredible. 

Because the live band was roaming about the garden. So people would be chatting away, sipping their cocktails, and then BOOM! Suddenly find themselves right in the middle of a trumpet dance-off! If you’re looking for a way to get everyone ready for the party, trust me. Roaming band.

When the dancefloor had been cleared, the party (and the band) moved inside the marquee, and things really kicked off. At one point Amelia and James were on everyone’s shoulders, downing champagne from the bottle. It was…well, what can I say? It was epic. And just the perfect way to end a truly incredible day. 

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