Late July 2021, Jamie and I flew to Porto for our first trip abroad in two years. Some of you may know Jamie and I love to travel and have photographed weddings together in Lake Como, Corfu, Athens, Finland and Scotland! To say we couldn’t wait to explore was an understatement, little did I know that we would get engaged and celebrate our engagement in Porto.

We chose Porto as our destination as with the travel restrictions Portugal was looking to be a green zone. We were so lucky that we were both still able to travel.

Our wonderful hotel overlooked the river; Torel Avantgarde. Jamie planned an epic engagement day, we started off the day in a local market in Porto, trying the local delicasies and then cooking traditional Portuguese food in our guides home. We drank green wine, baked natas and discussed Harry Potter, football and Porto universities with our amazing host. We were dropped off to a local tile painting shop and both enjoyed painting our very own Portuguese tiles (we now have these on display in our home!). Later, we met a local photographer; Luiza and explored Porto together. We finally reached the beautiful rocks overlooking the bridge in which we then got engaged at golden hour.

Most of the images are my own, the ones of Jamie and I are the incredible Luiza’s – so, so grateful we have this special moment documented.

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