It’s like the wedding photography gods made a venue just for me! 

A wedding in The Queen’s College Oxford has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. From the magnificent 18th Century architecture, and towering Palladian walls. To the stunningly beautiful gardens, bursting with colour and life. It’s rare to find a venue so awe-inspiring, romantic, and welcoming all at once. And rarer still to find it in the centre of a bustling city. 

So when Alice and Rich asked me to photograph their wedding in Queen’s, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough. They also happened to be the nicest people on the planet, which was a massive bonus! 

With understated, timelessly beautiful styling, A&R’s day was pretty close to perfection. If you’ve been dreaming of having your wedding in The Queen’s College Oxford, come take a look.

Can you get married in The Queen’s College Oxford?

As wedding venues go, Queen’s is remarkably exclusive.

Other parts of Oxford University are open for weddings to the public. But if you want to have your wedding in Queen’s, you need to have a real, personal connection with the place (Alice, for example, did her teaching degree there). 

And just to pile on the exclusivity even more, you can only get married there out of term time. Meaning the available dates get booked up quicker than you can say “books and bordeaux in the Bodleian”. 

So if you have a personal connection with the place, and if they have a date available, I’d suggest snapping it up without a second thought! Because honestly, from a wedding photographer’s point of view, The Queen’s College is exceptional. 

Chrysanthemum and peonies

After a slow, champagne morning with her girls, Alice jumped in a vintage Jag, and rode in style through Oxford to The Queen’s College. Spring sunshine filled the quads. And in the distance, the historic domes and spires of Oxford climbed into the clear blue sky. 

Alice looked beautiful in Chrysanthemum by Kate Beaumont. I’ve always loved Kate Beaumont’s gowns. And with its detailing on the open back and the gently flowing diaphanous sleeves, Chrysanthemum is a new firm-favourite.

She paired the romantic silk gown with a stunning bouquet of daisies, white and blush pink peonies. And a beautiful headband made from recycled fishing nets in Italy (handily her ‘something old’ and her ‘something new’!) 

And of course, we have to talk about the bridesmaids dresses! The mismatched dresses in a palette of soft greys and greens were understated, relaxed and subtly stylish all at once. Strolling through the sunny grounds together, Alice and her girls had the perfect look for a relaxed Oxford University wedding. 

Wedding in The Queen’s College Oxford

Ceremony in The Chapel of The Queen’s College

The Queen’s Chapel is a breathtaking place. The hushed atmosphere, the flickering candles, the light flooding through the spectacular stained glass windows. Just imagine saying your vows here! 

Alice walked hand-in-hand with her dad down the aisle, to where Rich was waiting with the biggest smile on his face. 

The ceremony was intimate, personal, and just completely lovely from the very start. A&R had asked their grandmas to be witnesses, which was just the sweetest! And as they shared their first kiss as a married couple, a huge cheer tumbled through the ancient chapel and out into the sunny quad. 

Wedding photography in The Queen’s College Oxford
Queens College wedding photographer

A ‘bell walk’ to Drawda Garden

You aren’t allowed confetti in The Queen’s College. So instead, A&R had asked their guests to bring a bell with them for a ‘bell walk’. 

This was the first time I’ve seen this as a wedding photographer, and I absolutely loved it! There are a few alternatives to confetti (bubbles, drums, smoke bombs, rainbow streamers). But there’s something so incredibly cheerful about a symphony of chiming of bells! And for a classically stylish wedding in a venue like Queen’s, a bell walk was the perfect choice. 

When they reached the end of the aisle, Alice waved her bouquet in the air, joined the guests in a final cheer. And led the way through the grounds to Drawda Garden. 

There are a few gardens in The Queen’s College. But with its vibrant flowers, overflowing beds and magnificent magnolia, you’d be crazy not to have your drinks reception in Drawda Garden. 

The sun shone, the champagne flowed, and live music bounced off the stone walls. A&R had their first dance to ‘Wake me up before you go go’ (an excellent choice, by the way!) And as the guests gradually began to make their way to the reception, I snuck away to explore the deserted Queen’s with Alice and Rich.

Wedding photography in The Queen’s College Oxford

Wedding photography in The Queen’s College

In case you’ve never been before, The Queen’s College is right in the centre of Oxford (literally on the high street!) But honestly, you wouldn’t know. 

The grounds feel intimate, private, serene. Our feet crunched on the gravel, bees buzzed from plant to plant in the gardens. And Alice’s laughter carried across the quad and echoed through the ancient arches. 

There’s a romance in Queen’s that stretches far beyond the symmetry of architecture, or the honey-hued stone. It’s an extraordinary place, heavy with memory. And it was such a special experience having it all to ourselves. 

Oxford wedding photographer

An adventure around Oxford

After a while, we said goodbye to Queen’s and headed out onto the city streets. 

And as a wedding photographer, this has got to be my favourite thing about city weddings. That electricity of walking through the streets as a newly married couple. The car horns, the cheers, the spontaneous rounds of applause. You’ll never forget that feeling of being showered with the happiness of strangers. 

Oxford has been a part of A&R’s love story from the very beginning. It’s the city where they first met, where they had their first date, where they first lived together. And there was a poignancy in seeing them walking those familiar streets, now hand-in-hand as a married couple. 

It wasn’t long before we’d made our way through Oxford and rejoined the guests on the banks of the Thames. We jumped on a boat and headed downstream, to where food, beer, and the most amazing golden hour lay waiting.
If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Oxford and you love my work, I’d be so excited to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s chat.

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