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As a destination wedding photographer, I get to explore the world and photograph in the most scenic locations. I have compiled a list of the locations I would like to visit or have previously visited. It’s important to go somewhere memorable and out of the ordinary for your honeymoon so you can start your married life in style.

Scotland Holiday Destination - Destination Wedding Photographer

How to choose the right location for your honeymoon?

What kind of holiday are you looking for?  Are you looking for somewhere warm or cold? Do you want adventure or relaxation? Would it be best to travel there at a different time of the year? All of these points are important to think about, to make sure your honeymoon is as perfect as can be.

How I plan my trips as a destination wedding photographer

Whilst planning my trip to California I felt really overwhelmed with what I needed to remember and how to work out the logistics of travel across America. I found an incredible resource which now makes my holiday planning effortlessly straightforward. Inspirock is a great website which not only calculates your travel options between locations, it stores important hotel information for you and gives you suggestions of what to go and see there. The biggest advantage of using the website is the map which really clearly shows you the different steps.

Taking photos on your trip

If you don’t want to bring a DSLR on your trip, you can use your phone and still get great results. The new iPhone cameras quality are great and you even have the option to photograph in RAW to get better quality photos. Take your time when taking photographs to check they’re in focus and keep them stored safe until you arrive home. You can then use Lightroom Mobile or Desktop to edit your photographs, it is incredible how much mobile files can be edited now! If you want help with editing your photos, or you’d prefer to have a professional edit them – get in touch! I’d love to help; travel photographs are so important! You can also purchase my travel presets here.

Travel in Bali - Honeymoon Destination, Destination Wedding Photographer
Gili Island Travel - Honeymoon Destination
Travel to Bali - Honeymoon Destination, Destination Wedding Photographer

Honeymoon Destination No. 1 – Bali

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit in the Summer but in another continent, I’d recommend Bali, Indonesia. I visited Bali in 2017 and it was incredible. We toured the island and also manage to fit in a boat trip and stay over in the Gili Islands (I would, however, advise you not to travel on a boat from Bali to Gili Islands – it can be dangerous and scary). There are beaches, jungles, rice fields, temples and the friendliest locals. Not to mention the incredible sunsets on the coast of Bali, enjoy then whilst sitting on beanbag drinking the local drink; Bintang.

Top Stay of the trip:

The stay at Alaya Resort, Ubud was heavenly, the welcoming staff as soon as we arrived really did show the high level of service provided at the hotel. We had the most incredible Balinese spa treatments which included a relaxing petal bath and enjoyed meals at the hotel restaurant – the food was so tasty and beautiful styled too. It was nice to treat ourselves on this part of the trip by staying in a more luxurious hotel. Most importantly, the staff even managed to book us on our boat to the Gili Islands as we’d forgotten to book before we left for Bali.

To sum up Bali, Bali is the perfect location for a combined beach and exploring holiday. The beaches and spas are wonderful and would be perfect to help with the jet lag from flying east.

Tip: Visit the Four Seasons Ubud for a river-side dinner. It’s such a beautiful hotel!

Bali Honeymoon Ideas
Jungle-side Dinner at the Four Seasons Ubud

Honeymoon Destination No 2 – Scotland

This might seem like a very easy choice but I had an absolute blast exploring Scotland last year whilst photographing destination weddings there. Jamie and I travelled from Glasgow up to Loch Lomond to Fort Williams to Loch Ness. We really enjoyed sitting in a first-class cabin whilst enjoying a trip on the Jacobite (For all the Harry Potter fans out there!).

Whilst in Scotland we stayed in some incredible AIRBNBs with wonderful hosts. East Lodge Cabin on the Loch our favourite part of our stay. Above all, It was super peaceful and I could watch red squirrels eating nuts from my bedroom window.

In summary, if you’re looking for spectacular views, animals, historical buildings and fresh air this is the perfect honeymoon location for you.

Honeymoon Destination Ideas, Travel Scotland

Scotland Honeymoon Ideas
Scotland Honeymoon Ideas
Scotland Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon Destination No 3 – California

California is the perfect road trip Honeymoon for couples looking for forests, beaches, city life and even desserts. I am currently planning my own trip to Cali for later this year (fingers crossed!) and I can’t wait. Ideally, the trip should start in San Francisco for a few nights exploring the town. Currently, I have the ice cream museum, Golden Gate Bridge bike ride, trying the local seafood chowder, visiting the renowned china town and of course Alcatraz. Then hire a car and travel South-East.

Next up, Yosemite! Enjoy exploring the hikes of the National Park for a few days. TOP TIP: I’m planning to stay on a resort so we don’t need to worry about food suppliers and guided hikes are available which will be handy.

Destination Wedding Photographer
Credit: Pinterest

After some hikes, head out to the coast for some sea air and whale watching. Explore Big Sur, Monterey, Pismo Beach, San Simeon on your way south to Hollywood. One hotel, in particular, I am excited about it the beautiful, dog-friendly Sanctuary Beach Resort. I am looking forward to getting our breakfast hamper left outside our door in the mornings so we can enjoy our breakfast overlooking the ocean.

California Road trip

It couldn’t be a trip to California without visiting Hollywood; the Griffiths Observatory, The Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Walk of Fame and of course a trip to Disneyland.

Honeymoon Destination No 4 – Lapland

For those who don’t like the heat and sunshine, I would recommend Finnish Lapland for a trip you will never forget! I managed to explore Rovaniemi in February 2018 after photographing a destination wedding in Southern Helsinki.

We adored the hotel we stayed in – Arctic City Hotel; we enjoyed dinner there and also booked us in for a private sauna session one evening too after playing in the snow all day. As it was off-peak it was super quiet in the town which worked to our advantage! We had a snowboarding day trip planned and there were only 4 people on the tour! I loved driving the snowmobile, meeting the reindeer, enjoying a reindeer ride, cuddling huskies and a wonderful huskie ride through the untouched snow. In the evening, went on a Northern Lights evening tour; we were unlucky it was cloudy but nevertheless had a great time listening to Finnish tales, enjoying warm snacks, warm berry juice and playing in the snow at night.

Destination Wedding Photograper, Finland Wedding Photographer
Finland Honeymoon
Destination Wedding Photograper, Finland Wedding Photographer
Lapland Honeymoon Idea, Travel Finland

Honeymoon Destination No 5 – Africa

Africa is the perfect Honeymoon Destination for animals, culture, spectacular sunsets and views. On my bucket list is the Giraffe Hotel; imaging enjoying your breakfast with a giraffe!

Honeymoon Destination, Destination Wedding Photographer

Following a stay with the Giraffes, a safari and stay overlooking the nature reserves will be unforgettable.

Destination No 6 – Italy

Being a Destination Wedding Photographer, I had to include Italy on my list for honeymoon locations. I have been to Italy countless times for weddings and for personal trips. Travelling around Italy is made incredibly easy by the Air-conned high-speed trains that connect you to cities quickly. The perfect trip to Italy could start in Venice, exploring the floating city is an incredible experience and taking a boat to Burano is a must!

Next up, Verona and Lake Garda! Enjoy exploring a much smaller town with an opera show, a trip to Juliette’s balcony and enjoy a boat trip on the Lake. If you have more time I’d recommend going to Lake Como; Bellagio is my favourite area of the lake. You can see a Lake Como Wedding here.

A four hour train then takes you to Florence and the region of Tuscany for wine tasting, Vintage Fiat 500 roadtrips.

From there you can extend the trip to Rome or to the Amalfi Coast. Currently, I am planning my next trip to Italy for my weddings in Tuscany next summer; I am looking forward to exploring new locations such as Siena.

Destination Wedding Photographer, Venice Travel Photos
Destination Wedding Photographer, Venice Travel Photos
Villa Cipressi Wedding, Destination Wedding Photographer
Destination Wedding Photographer, Venice Travel Photos
Destination Wedding Photograper, Lake Como Wedding Photographer
Credit: Pinterest. The restaurant Da Gancio on the righthand side is amazing!

Destination No 7 – Japan

Japan is a popular choice of honeymoon destination by my wedding couples and it’s clear why. Exploring in the spring or fall will bring the country to life with colour! If you would like to spread your wedding and honeymoon dates out then having a Spring Honeymoon the following year would be ideal for seeing the famous cherry blossoms in bloom.

While in Kyoto you must explore Gion and whilst near Mt. Fuji stay in a Ryokan hotel to enjoy the views.

Credit: Pinterest

Destination No.8 – Hawaii

Aloha! Explore the islands of Hawaii over a few weeks to enjoy all the islands in different aspects. Hiking, Surfing, Scuba diving, kayaking and relaxing are all parts of a trip to Hawaii. To sum up Hawaii, it’s the perfect all-rounder location for adventurous couples; it simply has all the aspects for adventure.

Whilst researching I found a gem of a restaurant which needs to be booked 8 weeks in advanced. Check out Mama’s Fish House Restaurant for amazing food and views if you stay in Maui.

Are you looking for a destination wedding photographer for your wedding day? I would love to discuss your plans, get in touch here.

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