As a relaxed wedding photographer, it’s important I help my clients get the best moments including the confetti throw. My style involves me capturing moments as naturally as possible so by giving my couples plenty of booklets of tips before the wedding day they are as prepared as possible. Here are some tips I think are useful to couples when thinking about the confetti throw:

Make the walk meaningful

– Make the confetti throw a meaningful walk; whether the confetti throw is during the exit down the aisle, as the guests leave the church or as you walk in to your dinner. If it is a natural part of the day the guests are more likely to co-operate.

Be prepared to purchase confetti for your guests

– Don’t rely on your guests to purchase the confetti; often they don’t or what they buy might not be the most sustainable option.

– Think carefully about the colours you’d like to see in the shot; I love Sophie and Dave’s Holkham Hall Confetti Throw as there was a mix of yellow, pink and purples which really stood out against the colourful outfits.

– Buy more than you think (maybe even double!) Guests need at least one good handful each.

Get your bridal party involved

– Ask the bridal party to help hand out the confetti and organise the guests into two lines (Make sure they know this is their job before the big day!).


– Use sustainable confetti –Shropshire Petals. Many venues won’t allow confetti unless it’s biodegradable.

More confetti tips:

– Look at your guests! Don’t worry about smiling at the camera just enjoy the moment.

– Don’t look down! Make sure you look forwards as it won’t work in the photographs.

– Walk at a slow pace – too fast and I’ll be tripping over the guest.

– Follow my lead; I will give you all these tips just before the confetti throw so don’t worry about remembering any of this!

– If you have lots of children as guests maybe have a children’s confetti throw first. Look at Laura and Rob’s Granary Estate Wedding to see a perfect example.

Most importantly, ENJOY!

If you’d like to discuss more confetti tips or discuss your wedding day with me, get in touch here!

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